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Here I finished the most awaited book “Five point someone” finally. Not that I m a big dieheart fan of chetan bhagat but I read all the other books by him apart from the very 1st one. I was introduced to him by Nikhil who wanted me to read ‘One Night @ Call centre’ (so he gifted me that one). Was a good book worth a read (and I read it twice). But this post isn’t about chetan or his books. This is about my fantasy, a lifelong fantasy which never came true. My fantasy to stay in a hostel in my student life. Isn’t that amazing, staying on your own, away from your family taking care of your own things. The freedom of taking decisions, managing your own finance, being on your own in all ups and downs. All this sounds super exciting to me. I always kept dreaming as to how it would have been if I had a chance to stay in a hostel. Not as paying guest and all but being an hostelite. Being under those restrictions, rules still finding your way out, breaking the deadlines. I strongly believe if…


Don’t know why but surfed through the old snaps of mine. Old as in not real old ones, just last 5-6 yrs. Or to be precise the memories of my architectural course. Was too good of a fun seeing those once again. Everyone looked so different, we all looked like kids. The 1st year photos are marvelous cos that was the beginning where we looked like as if all of us were from all different corners. New to all this, new to architecture, new to each other Popping our little heads out of our own cocoons. And trying to become one class, trying to become KRVI’ts (my college KRVIA) the second year snaps are fun, we actually look like pals for ages, as we belong to one big family. So innocent we were. There wasn’t much of a group-lism by then. But by the end of third year we had made our small small groups, and still were a class when we had to be a class. With time we knew our differences, we knew our likings, we knew our preferences too, but on the process of knowing all of this the idea of “one …

hello..once again.

Its almost two months .. Quite a long time for anyone to not blog isn’t it.. but things have way too busy in life. I had some final college submissions to make, so was caught up with that. Some family things also kept me busy. And frankly speaking I totally forgot I have a blog as well :D.. so now u should know my mind was so caught up with things. But it always feels nice to get back to the blog, my own space. Saw some comment which I didn’t check for all this time. I hope u guys had a great Diwali and loads of fun. My Diwali wasn’t to great again cos of my studies. Didn’t do much this time. And actually have lot more things to update u about..but don’t have enough time to do so.. but I m sure u ill do it soon.. n u will wait n come back to read it :D.. See you soonTake care..

my garden tails (tales)!!

I never ever thought the backyard of my house has so much that i was unaware of. These are some of the visitors i tried to capture. I really wish i knew there names. when i find time i surely try to find out. as of now just introducing u to "My Garden tails" :)
If i had a better cam may be an SLR the snaps wud have been more intresting. :(

vacation Part-2

I m back, I know took a little let’s not waste any more time and continue withPart- 2The real vacation started the very moment when those crystal clear waves touched our feet, the smooth wind blew on our skin, and all we could hear was wind and all that we could see was the ocean. It felt heaven to be at such a place. So neat, so clean, total pure form of nature. Three of us were just walking on the shore being quite, cos I guess all of us were amazed and lost in the beauty of the place. We walked and walked looking around, clicking pictures, making faces, chasing each other at times, and racing like kids. Everything felt right at that time, its didn’t matter actually, all right and wrong things were left behind. Imagine such an amazing beach and u r the only people on the beach. Would u really care then?? It felt as if we owned the place, and as if it was our territory. After the first intro to the place we were starved cos we walked a lot. So had our lunch and then sat fo…

Our 1st vacation.. -part1

There were arguments, there were fights, there were days when we didn’t talk to each other and finally there was a day when we headed for our 1st vacation…that’s 5th august 2009 place:Tarkarli-konkan.Nikhil’s arrival in Mumbai was 11:30am and our train was at 11:00pm. Don’t get surprised with his early arrival like that. Cos sometimes it’s just too difficult to stay away so he decided that we will roam around a little in Mumbai and then catch our train. As we say everything isn’t ‘Merry go round’. I couldn’t go to airport to receive him cos some family things came up so Nikhil and Suku had to find their own way. Which I was sure Nikhil was capable of. But I was feeling really awful for not going to airport n then even after he was in my city I was still away from him, was definately a sad feeling. The most important thing which made me feel nice was, I just told him the reason for not coming and even before I could say anything he told me to take my time. i felt so relaxed n really wa…

It’s just green

My last Sunday was too good. No no I didn’t go for any picnic or something. Actually I didn’t have any weekly off and had to go for work even on Sunday. So u thinking as to how come that makes it to be nice Sunday right? I’ll tell you. .. Actually I woke up at 5:30am unlike my weekdays when I wake up by 7:00am reason being I had a site visit to go for and the site was no where nearby but it was in Puna. Yeah!! now u know why did I wake so early. So there our journey starts to puna at 7am in the morning from Andheri .in office car with one of my colleague (sir’s wife). But it was wired cos even after waking up so early (unlike my other Sundays when I wake up by 10 or 11) I was very happy just to be out on Sunday morning cos there was no crowd in the train, on the roads, it seemed like everything belonged to me and I was the only one there. Felt very refreshing to see Mumbai roads without traffic. Like u know me , the moment I got into the back seat next to mam I started talking cos jus…


“GIRLS” what’s the first thing which comes to ur mind after this world? The physical factor, or the girly factor in her?...What defines a girl?. Physical things are natural but according to my observation, the girly factor plays an important role too. Now talking about girly factors, what does it exactly mean? or what all do fall under the name of “those girly factors”. Hmm let me think.. One most important would be the style, style in walking, dressing, talking as well as expressions. Now u would ask expression also has style, I would say yeah it does, for example I did hear many girls using word “isshh!!” (from movie devdas). And I wondered how natural that was. Or like people assume color PINK to be the girls favorite one. and every time I go for shopping the first color shop fellow shows me would be pink, n have to request him to show anything but pink, then he gets this big question mark on his face as if I m an alien or pink was the only color in his shop.. Dressing up putting u…

Whats "Love"

Something intresting i came across..enjoy..A group of 4 to 8 year-old Children was asked, "What does love mean?" The
answers they gave were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined.
What is Love???*
--"Love is when you tell a guy you like his shirt, then he wears it
everyday" (Tina - age 7)

--"My mommy loves me more than anybody. You don't see anyone else
kissing me to sleep at night." (Clare - Age 5)

--"When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You
know that your name is safe in their mouth." (Billy - age 4)

--"When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint
her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time,
even when his hands got arthritis too.. That's love." (Rebecca - age 8 )

--"Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French
fries without making them give you any of theirs." (Chrissy - age 6 )

--"Love is what makes you smile …

the BMC toilet story..

Venue: Worli BMC (Architectural) office. Time: 1:15pmMe and my clique. Both of us sitting at deputy architects table. Waiting for him to come back n give us our file and get our work done. It’s been three odd hours that e are in this office. We have submitted drawings for one project and today was the meeting. Meeting was done with and we are waiting for the approval. it’s a lunch time and I m hell hungry m cursing the officer in my mind with all the possible bad words I know. I waited for 10 more min and told Brijesh (my clique) that I will go and get freshen up a little. When I search for ladies toilet I came to know . in an BMC architectural office, there they have gents and ladies toilet on different floors. Amazing isn’t it. Me being on the second floor and second floor having just gents toilet. What an amazing design. I had to come to 1st floor. I entre the loo n open the tap Bhuussshh…!! All the water drained on my feetcos the wash basin had no pipe at its bottom, it was all op…

my 1st intro as an "ARCHITECT"

Sitting in the office and thinking as to why am I working here , why am I a part of this office. All this is going on in my mind, sitting at the lunch table munching one bite. And the phone rings its sir’s call for me.
Sir: “Darshana I have an urgent meeting. My laptop is in office itself. So come down and give me that laptop. I need it. I m at U.D.RI...”
Me: “ok sir, I’ll be there in sometime”. Call ends.

What the hell !!. Is that may job to deliver ur laptop. Where ever u r? Being an architect in ur office is that what m I suppose to do? But knowing the fact that I m the only one at that moment in the office who knew where is UDRI and who is linguistic enough to reach there. Unlike the kerla guys in my office. Even all the helping staff was out of office for some work or the other. So it was obvious that even when I didn’t want to step out of a good chilled office room to outside 38’c temperature at 1:30 in the noon, I had to. With all those feeling I had to leave office and for sure…

its just me now..

“What an attitude” that was my 1st impression on her. I don’t know whether I was showing attitude or I was little reserved. in 1st few months we were just casually together. No friendship, no rivalry, nothing. By the end of 1st year things changed a little and by 2nd year we were great friends. Both of us were really different from each other. Neither our likings were same nor our interests, but still there was a bond between us, which held two different people together. She was my true mentor. There were lot of bad things in me, She was the one who pointed it out to me and made me improve myself in many aspects. She was too adorable and the sensible one in two of us. We gave each other shoulders, we gave each other slaps. We giggled together, we shared things. She came and shared all possible small details of her personal life with me so did i. she was all crazy stupid, so I was. Then like the way seasons change and there is summer after winter,time being the reason. Here things chan…


Guess what.. Today’s post is not going to be about something but it’s about someone. And that someone is Nikhil. Wondering why suddenly writing about him, reason being I want to really find out what I think of him (not that I don’t know but never penned it down), and also go little public about it … JNikhil..Knowing him for years now, made me realize one thing, that he is a gem of a person. The one who is full of fun, one who is all cheerful. One who goes all nuts when it comes to having pizza n burgers. Who has great sense of humor and u can’t stop laughing when u are with him. The one who can go really crazy pulling leg. I m sure all those who know him would agree with me for all this. But there are few things I personally admire about him…He has a good head on his shoulders. He knows how to tackle critical things. Really a sensible guy. And has been my true mentor.There is a sweet kid hidden in him who keeps on popping his head every now and then especially when it’s about food and…

Finally done!!

Finally I am free, done with the exam. And it went well too. The juror I had was quite cool so I hope ill get done with it. Still there was enough of drama. As always things with me don’t go so easy same thing happened this time as well. Thinking about my last jury, it was good enough of a lesson for me. I was late for the jury and that fellow refused to take the exam. So this time I finished my work beforehand (not totally but still) and I was sitting chit chatting before my roll call. After my exam I made a record to sleep for 15hours at a stretch, nothing compared some people I know J J . But still, me being the person with minimum sleep this was a big thing. But all such sequential events in my curriculum has made me strongly believe, that there is something know as good luck, and this luck factor takes over ur efforts many a times. And this luck factor has never been in my favor in my studies ever.
Anyways… Today’s day also went all boring cos, I didn’t do anything apart from orku…

in self's company..

siting here in a boring room,..  just another stupid Sunday afternoon.. i m westing my time, , i have got nothing to do... .. . 
This boredom is gonna kill me. not that i haven't got anything to do, but i m bored of what i have got to do.. ?? ??  i know i know..
But i want to ask a question to u all, my dear readers. do u really wait for weekends ?? i mean really the way people talk about it on TV on FM radio,and the way people talk about it  in there friends circles. Do u really look forward for weekends for all the weekdays?? When it comes to me, i have never waited for any weekend in my life. cos there has not been any exciting weekend for me. When i was in collage there was no need for a special weekend. We used to have fun anytime when we felt like. At that time i used to feel that weekends are for the working people. who slog all the week and go out  enjoy . party around for refreshment on weekends. So they can be back to work all refreshed on Monday morning. Now when i have joi…

happy to have u back.. :)

i never ever knew that i m so attached to my laptop. but importance of somethings r known only when u dont have them isn't it?? yeah u have guessed it right my laptops hard disk got crashed , cos of my own stupidity itself. stupid me i hate myself for being so careless though. it happened around last week. i woke up next morning and was about to sit for my work but laptop refused to start itself. and the whole proses followed after that,running the diagnosis, trying to boot from CD, running in safe mode this and that. by the end of the day it was finalised that my hard disk was gone bad. with that my mood was also dead. i had to wait for two days to give time for it cos those were the last two days of my office so had to put in all the efforts to finish all the work given to me. so finished that. then yesterday finally got time and went got the HDD replaced, installed everything and then my sweetheart was back all alive ready to serve me.. he he.. hmm i know it must be sounding qu…

my loss :(

Sorry guys for not keeping u updated about me for so long.. was a technical problem, my laptop’s adaptor was gone bad.. so now i m back cos i brought the new adaptor now.. so how r u??.. nothing much has been happening in my life as such. Just office, personal work that’s it, oh sorry!! How can i forget to tell u this... forgot to tell u something imp the only interesting thing which happened in life is i had a short trip to Hyderabad.. yeah i know .. Wasn’t really a planned trip, but it ended being a good one. Will have to write a separate post about it for sure. :P
But today’s post is not about all of that, its about what i lost today. I mean for u or for anyone else it may not sound as a big lost. But for me it is. Some days ago i had to format my Pc i did take a backup. Everything went well, i installed all the stuffs back, i loaded my data back but one file was missing ..that word file where i wrote down all the imp sms from important someone. And the crazy part is its been quite …

my b'day gift

whats is this ??or why is this here??? wait let me tell u..these are just some snaps of the beautiful gift which i got on my b'day from suku... who sent it to me all the way from hyderabad..Amazing isn’t it..thanks to Nikhil that he carried it all the way with him. I was really happy to see this gift. Not because i love plans and all (that was the reason too) but mostly for the thought behind it. to send the good luck plant , to send that good luck all the way 900km. That thought was amazing. I really felt like giving him a big fat hug. Thanks suku (sukumar). Talking about suku, he is kind of new friend of mine through a common link that we have that’s Nikhil. But since the time we have spoke to each other that common link is sidelined and now i can very well say that me and suku are friends. He is nice guy as much as i have got to know about him. True hearted and adorable as well. Little sentimental, little bit of filmy, but fun, yeah and philosopher as well but in a limit... yea…

yuppy!!! :)

finally found new look for my blog...
:) it was good enough of an hunting business.. but this is my own space efforts don't count...

thanks to nikhil for the technical part though.. thanks a lot sweetheart..
so how do u all find the new look of .. comments are most awaited...
take care..


9:15am Churchgate fast local. Ladies compartment, usual crowd. But something unusual today. Something or I should say someone unusual. That face which didn’t belong to that place. She was sitting there on a forth seat. Everyone who entered kept asking here as to where she wanted to get down. She didn’t reply she kept looking at everyone, and she kept quite. I looked into her eyes, and could only see one thing fear. I wondered what was she afraid of. She wore an outfit with all possible colours in the colour palate, silver jewellery all over her, oiled hair. And she bared a smell, not of any perfume but may be a smell of that place where she belonged, may be a smell of all those sweaty days, or may be just a smell of her poverty. She kept sitting there, and someone or the other kept asking her. I turned and looked at her once. But there was one thing i could not miss about her, her eyes. At that moment I felt as if she was wrapped in her cocoon and the only thing which visible was, h…

Celebrity Collage


keep moving on..

Another ditch in the road...u keep moving..
Another stop sign ....u keep moving on... – Savage garden
Perfect words for this unpredictable life of ours. Isn’t it?? Where u don’t really know what’s in stored for us in next moment. Something good may be something bad or something totally crazy. Sometimes i think ‘surprise ‘is a perfect synonym for ‘life’. But the problem here is we always relate surprise to something good. But bad things happen with a surprise too its just that we don’t call it a surprise. Human emotions, they are always been a mystery to me. We fall, we fail, we cry but we still stand up again, we stand up for some more surprise to live. Without thinking about good or bad.
I haven’t seen much in my life but how much ever i have seen, how much ever i have learnt..i know one thing “HOPE FOR GOOD”.. and keep moving..
Another ditch in the road...u keep moving..
Another stop sign ....u keep moving on..
that’s the key to live this life, isn’t it??