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expect the unexpected

U haven’t proposed me for marriage Nikhil. Let’s do something orthodox in our relation. There is nothing orthodox about our relation. When do u plan to do it?” I ask this with urging tone.
“Isn’t it nice to have our relationship so different from others?” he says it simply with a smile.
“no, I mean yes it’s nice that its different, but I still I want to go through this experience,” I still urge with small face.
hmm ok let’s see”, he says with simple tone.[as if I have asked him for toblerone]
Imagine this discussion taking place 10 times or may be more than that since our marriage got decided. Do u think I have anything to say after “lest see!!” answer, no I don’t. But I still survive on a ray of hope…
Yes our marriage has been fixed [ JJ ], after six years of a relationship. Finally it’s gonna be official [he he]. After my elder sister’s wedding my line was clear but I didn’t see it coming sooo soon. We made our parents meet up with both of us having our fingers crossed. It’s never simp…


Mind, its all about the confusion. i always keep wondering , if could name mind as some thing else. then "Tornado", or "mixer grinder" or any crappy combination of alphabets like "tsfjsgfjs". Some name that u can’t decipher the meaning of it
I mean how much one has to try, how much one has to think, and how much actually falls in place any which ways. and why should one even try so hard when u know it wont go the way you would want it to. Mind, just a pi9ce of gooey mess.
You know what's worse? The preconceived notion. That’s the worse thing of all. Coz that reduces the tiny little bit of scope u have to improve on anything. to convince someone that what they might have assumed you to be , u aren't that way at all, and its the situation put u in that positionand made u be this way.

Change is what we humans are scared of. Change is something we are skeptical about. And yet change is what we crave for. but even when we know changeis inevitable , why do…