Guess what.. Today’s post is not going to be about something but it’s about someone. And that someone is Nikhil. Wondering why suddenly writing about him, reason being I want to really find out what I think of him (not that I don’t know but never penned it down), and also go little public about it … J


Knowing him for years now, made me realize one thing, that he is a gem of a person. The one who is full of fun, one who is all 

cheerful. One who goes all nuts when it comes to having pizza n burgers. Who has great sense of humor and u can’t stop laughing when u are with him. The one who can go really crazy pulling leg. I m sure all those who know him would agree with me for all this.

But there are few things I personally admire about him…

He has a good head on his shoulders. He knows how to tackle critical things. Really a sensible guy. And has been my true mentor.

There is a sweet kid hidden in him who keeps on popping his head every now and then especially when it’s about food and games.

Have good patience, damn good listener. If u r the person who loves to talk u have found a right guy. He would let u talk as much as u want and he would also give his inputs. So now u know why do I talk so much. J

Damn straight forward. If u do something he doesn’t like or feels isn’t right, he would tell u flat on ur face, no back stabbing at all.

If u want any honest opinion about something, u would always get an unbiased opinion from him. And he won’t be judgmental ever.

Very flexible, and would very well gel well with anyone.

True sweetheart with train full of love for everyone who is on his hit 

list. If u ask for help u would always get one.


Some things I really hate about him:

He loves sleep more than anyone and anything on this planet. Given a chance he can sleep for 24hours at a stretch.

Little moody, if u want him to do something and he inst in mood, even if u break ur head it won’t be done by him until and unless he feels its imp to do that.

Loves junk food like anything. And for ur surprise if he eats homemade food 24/7 he would fall ill. Ready for chicken anytime of the day. And if there is a pizza in front of him the company doesn’t matter, cos that person would be nicely ignored and would be nicely neglected till the last bite of that pizza.

Talking about reactions. Don’t u ever expect any instant or sponta

neous reaction from him for something sweet u have done. His reaction would come slow, may be by the time they come to u, u wouldn’t remember what are they for. :P not really but still, he doesn’t know how to express for any of the emotion.

He thinks too much, even when he has most blank face there would be 100 things running at the back of his mind.

Very shy, yes!! Even after knowing him for so long, he is still shy of loads of things, for example dancing. I haven’t been able to find out whether he really knows dancing or not. Cos we have never danced together. L

But most important thing which attracts me the most to him is, He has his unique way in whatever he does… and there is nothing fake about him, whatever comes, comes straight from his heart..  :)




Nik said…
Aww tht's sweet!!! :) big HUG for you for this post :D
Diva said…
@ Darshana

Lovely post...beautiful!!!
And about an amazing person I must say!! :)
Yea I agree... he does think a lot!! I really wonder how can a person think so much!!! Nikhil, if you are listening.. please give that brain of yours a lil' rest... :P

Adding to you blog, I promise you he makes a great dancer though he is shy(as you said it yourself).., So next time... just take him on the dance floor w/o his permission... u two will make a great dancing couple for sure :D

hey thts nice .. and dont worry abt the sleeping habit. when u work in the night shifts u end up sleeping all the time .. i slept for 4.6 years u know :D
D@r$hi said…
@ nikhil - :)

@ divya: thanks a lot aboutthe dancing u on that.

@kalpana: i know ppl sleeplonger but... it shouldnt be done always
:( i hope the habbit changes in future.

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