my garden tails (tales)!!

I never ever thought the backyard of my house has so much that i was unaware of. These are some of the visitors i tried to capture. I really wish i knew there names. when i find time i surely try to find out. as of now just introducing u to "My Garden tails" :)
If i had a better cam may be an SLR the snaps wud have been more intresting. :(


rauf said…
i don't know the names either Darshana, third and the fourth is bulbul i think. You really have some pretty visitors and one not so pretty, the bat, is that a bat ?
D@r$hi said…
@kalpana: thanks dear

@rauf: yeah thats a Bat itself...i saw it when i was just taking a stroll after my dinner.. he was nicely sitting n having custard apple..his dinner time i guess... :P

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