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my 1st intro as an "ARCHITECT"

Sitting in the office and thinking as to why am I working here , why am I a part of this office. All this is going on in my mind, sitting at the lunch table munching one bite. And the phone rings its sir’s call for me.
Sir: “Darshana I have an urgent meeting. My laptop is in office itself. So come down and give me that laptop. I need it. I m at U.D.RI...”
Me: “ok sir, I’ll be there in sometime”. Call ends.

What the hell !!. Is that may job to deliver ur laptop. Where ever u r? Being an architect in ur office is that what m I suppose to do? But knowing the fact that I m the only one at that moment in the office who knew where is UDRI and who is linguistic enough to reach there. Unlike the kerla guys in my office. Even all the helping staff was out of office for some work or the other. So it was obvious that even when I didn’t want to step out of a good chilled office room to outside 38’c temperature at 1:30 in the noon, I had to. With all those feeling I had to leave office and for sure…