May 7, 2009

my 1st intro as an "ARCHITECT"

Sitting in the office and thinking as to why am I working here , why am I a part of this office. All this is going on in my mind, sitting at the lunch table munching one bite. And the phone rings its sir’s call for me.
Sir: “Darshana I have an urgent meeting. My laptop is in office itself. So come down and give me that laptop. I need it. I m at U.D.RI...”
Me: “ok sir, I’ll be there in sometime”. Call ends.

What the hell !!. Is that may job to deliver ur laptop. Where ever u r? Being an architect in ur office is that what m I suppose to do? But knowing the fact that I m the only one at that moment in the office who knew where is UDRI and who is linguistic enough to reach there. Unlike the kerla guys in my office. Even all the helping staff was out of office for some work or the other. So it was obvious that even when I didn’t want to step out of a good chilled office room to outside 38’c temperature at 1:30 in the noon, I had to. With all those feeling I had to leave office and for sure the thought of “why am I in this office “became stronger with the burning sun over my head.

Now let me tell u what UDRI is till I reach there. Urban Development Research Institute (of Mumbai). This is one of the major institute of the city which handles development planning and research work. Being in architecture for 5yrs now I have seen the kind of contribution to the city and kind of work UDRI does. But have never been able to visit this place. Cos even going there to refer any books or any of such work isn’t that easy. U got to have reference later from college this and that. Most important is that my sir is one the heads of that institute. Google about UDRI Mumbai and u will find more details.

After around 45min traveling by rick-train-taxi I reached there and gave him laptop, with all outside heat sucked up in my head. I just gave him his laptop and told him that I’ll leave now. Sir: “no no wait for sometime sit here.” Me (to myself): what now, what the hell I would do sitting here. But still I sat. Sir came after 5 min with a young female and introduced me to her. Sir: “Deepali, this is Darshana, she is an architect and she works with me. Please will u explain her what are we working on currently.” I greeted with a smile and said to myself wow! Good intro an architect ?P feels nice. This making my temperature come back to normal a little. So she sat with me explaining me what they are working on, and gave me some n books they have published- Mumbai Readers. So sat there surfing through the books. Then someone came and told me “Darshana, sir has said u will have to sit for the meeting that we are going to have in sometime.” I was like why now, I don’t even know what the meeting is about. But still I went for the meeting. When I entered the conference room, there were 10 experienced people sitting there, and two firangs. And the only empty chair was next to one firang, so I had to sit there. Meeting started with the introduction by my sir. And then I came to know the meeting was about migration of Indians to gulf (Dubai). And the firang was the speaker for the meeting. He was a big Dutch architect and was also a part of very big architectural ferm called OME. The other people sitting there were heads of UDRI and some masters student. That left with me being the most junior. Wow!! The feeling was awesome. I was sitting at the conference of such a big institute with so many big guys. for such an important discussion. Leaving a big wide smile on my face. The meeting was about the collaboration of two different institutes for some research work. Meeting went on for very long time with lot of good topics and all. And I was all attentive, had to cos sitting next to the head of the meeting u can’t afford to doze off :D. Meeting got over after some hours. i said bye to sir and left. But smile was still on. And the question was vanished in the air which was playing on my mind “why am I in this office?” I was happy that it was me who had to deliver sir his laptop, and felt great that he considered me important enough to make me a part of such a big thing as an ARCHITECT. :D