Apr 26, 2009

its just me now..

“What an attitude” that was my 1st impression on her. I don’t know whether I was showing attitude or I was little reserved. in 1st few months we were just casually together. No friendship, no rivalry, nothing. By the end of 1st year things changed a little and by 2nd year we were great friends. Both of us were really different from each other. Neither our likings were same nor our interests, but still there was a bond between us, which held two different people together. She was my true mentor. There were lot of bad things in me, She was the one who pointed it out to me and made me improve myself in many aspects. She was too adorable and the sensible one in two of us. We gave each other shoulders, we gave each other slaps.  We giggled together, we shared things. She came and shared all possible small details of her personal life with me so did i. she was all crazy stupid, so I was. Then like the way seasons change and there is summer after winter,time being the reason. Here things changed but time wasn’t the reason. Things changed, the bond kept on falling lose, the affection went on vanishing. I kept on feeling it inside but never could do anything. Cos in friendship u cant force, it comes from heart, it comes on its own. I was lost, I was irritated, I was being possessive, and I made a mistake. Realized it as well, felt guilty as well, apologized as well. But it was enough of a reason for that bond to break. She kept on going away from me. I stretched my hand to hold hers, but she was gone, she had turned her back to me to even see how badly I was trying to reach her again, how badly I wanted her by my side, as my mentor, as my best pal. But she had moved ahead, she had found a new bond.. She moved ahead and never looked back. I kept standing there.. and now there is just me..  .. Without her by my side … 



Apr 23, 2009


Guess what.. Today’s post is not going to be about something but it’s about someone. And that someone is Nikhil. Wondering why suddenly writing about him, reason being I want to really find out what I think of him (not that I don’t know but never penned it down), and also go little public about it … J


Knowing him for years now, made me realize one thing, that he is a gem of a person. The one who is full of fun, one who is all 

cheerful. One who goes all nuts when it comes to having pizza n burgers. Who has great sense of humor and u can’t stop laughing when u are with him. The one who can go really crazy pulling leg. I m sure all those who know him would agree with me for all this.

But there are few things I personally admire about him…

He has a good head on his shoulders. He knows how to tackle critical things. Really a sensible guy. And has been my true mentor.

There is a sweet kid hidden in him who keeps on popping his head every now and then especially when it’s about food and games.

Have good patience, damn good listener. If u r the person who loves to talk u have found a right guy. He would let u talk as much as u want and he would also give his inputs. So now u know why do I talk so much. J

Damn straight forward. If u do something he doesn’t like or feels isn’t right, he would tell u flat on ur face, no back stabbing at all.

If u want any honest opinion about something, u would always get an unbiased opinion from him. And he won’t be judgmental ever.

Very flexible, and would very well gel well with anyone.

True sweetheart with train full of love for everyone who is on his hit 

list. If u ask for help u would always get one.


Some things I really hate about him:

He loves sleep more than anyone and anything on this planet. Given a chance he can sleep for 24hours at a stretch.

Little moody, if u want him to do something and he inst in mood, even if u break ur head it won’t be done by him until and unless he feels its imp to do that.

Loves junk food like anything. And for ur surprise if he eats homemade food 24/7 he would fall ill. Ready for chicken anytime of the day. And if there is a pizza in front of him the company doesn’t matter, cos that person would be nicely ignored and would be nicely neglected till the last bite of that pizza.

Talking about reactions. Don’t u ever expect any instant or sponta

neous reaction from him for something sweet u have done. His reaction would come slow, may be by the time they come to u, u wouldn’t remember what are they for. :P not really but still, he doesn’t know how to express for any of the emotion.

He thinks too much, even when he has most blank face there would be 100 things running at the back of his mind.

Very shy, yes!! Even after knowing him for so long, he is still shy of loads of things, for example dancing. I haven’t been able to find out whether he really knows dancing or not. Cos we have never danced together. L

But most important thing which attracts me the most to him is, He has his unique way in whatever he does… and there is nothing fake about him, whatever comes, comes straight from his heart..  :)



Apr 22, 2009

Finally done!!

Finally I am free, done with the exam. And it went well too. The juror I had was quite cool so I hope ill get done with it. Still there was enough of drama. As always things with me don’t go so easy same thing happened this time as well. Thinking about my last jury, it was good enough of a lesson for me. I was late for the jury and that fellow refused to take the exam. So this time I finished my work beforehand (not totally but still) and I was sitting chit chatting before my roll call. After my exam I made a record to sleep for 15hours at a stretch, nothing compared some people I know J J . But still, me being the person with minimum sleep this was a big thing. But all such sequential events in my curriculum has made me strongly believe, that there is something know as good luck, and this luck factor takes over ur efforts many a times. And this luck factor has never been in my favor in my studies ever.
Anyways… Today’s day also went all boring cos, I didn’t do anything apart from orkuting, facebooking, and gmailing. So nothing that was interesting. One sweet thing happened today though. Sumitra wrote a post about Nikhil. And I really felt great reading it, and was too happy to read something so nice about him, I would like to say thanks to Sumi.
To my surprise I have no topic to write about, I am just blank. May be that’s a void in time after such a rush rush in life. Ill get back to u people after I m cross this void and get back to the ocean of my own thoughts. See you soon …

Apr 5, 2009

in self's company..

siting here in a boring room,.. 
just another stupid Sunday afternoon..
i m westing my time, , i have got nothing to do... .. . 

This boredom is gonna kill me. not that i haven't got anything to do, but i m bored of what i have got to do.. ?? ??  i know i know..

But i want to ask a question to u all, my dear readers. do u really wait for weekends ?? i mean really the way people talk about it on TV on FM radio,and the way people talk about it  in there friends circles. Do u really look forward for weekends for all the weekdays?? When it comes to me, i have never waited for any weekend in my life. cos there has not been any exciting weekend for me. When i was in collage there was no need for a special weekend. We used to have fun anytime when we felt like. At that time i used to feel that weekends are for the working people. who slog all the week and go out  enjoy . party around for refreshment on weekends. So they can be back to work all refreshed on Monday morning. Now when i have joined my office, this weekend factor isn't inn my life as of now. (i wonder why??) i mean this will make u have an impression of me being the biggest boring girl on the planet. but its not true. So siting here today i m trying to find out as to why i m never excited about the weekends like others.. There are many things actually first and the imp one is the set of close friends that i have aren't party freak like me. another one might be, every weekend most of them have some family thing or the other. (they r really family family type kids, not like me :) } Other reason might be this city, the mumbai, the fun n crazy city as we all know it. Cos of its geography and if u know the map its a linear city so travelling in mumbai takes a lot of ur time. On weekends i m no where in mood to get into a local train n travel some KM just to watch a movie (i m not at all a movie person) After visiting few other cities, (thanks to our study trips), i have started hating this city for this travelling aspect of it. i strongly feel smaller the city better the life is. And the last and the worst reason is the office that i m in right now has no good people, good as in people i would like to hang out with. stupid office. huhhh.. There are lot of  important and good points about this ferm,like the kind of work they do.and kind of exposer i m getting here but this is a worst one that i m the youngest person in the office. and have no one interesting there. Working in this ferm have made me believe that having a good companion at the work place is really really important. so sitting here in a boring room i did something interesting i managed to find the reasons for not having an exciting weekend. Also one more thing i though of just now is, why do need to have someones company always to have good time. U urself can be ur company. isnt it?? and the way this life goes u cant be always having someone by ur side. so decided today on words i will try n enjoy my own company by doing something interesting.. i guess as of now i will sit in my garden with my coffee observing the people passing by.. and may be a small walk after that, what say ?? good idea isn't it?? so me off for my weekend fun.. u guys having ur rocking weekend..

 take care.. 

Apr 2, 2009

happy to have u back.. :)

i never ever knew that i m so attached to my laptop. but importance of somethings r known only when u dont have them isn't it?? yeah u have guessed it right my laptops hard disk got crashed , cos of my own stupidity itself. stupid me i hate myself for being so careless though. it happened around last week. i woke up next morning and was about to sit for my work but laptop refused to start itself. and the whole proses followed after that,running the diagnosis, trying to boot from CD, running in safe mode this and that. by the end of the day it was finalised that my hard disk was gone bad. with that my mood was also dead. i had to wait for two days to give time for it cos those were the last two days of my office so had to put in all the efforts to finish all the work given to me. so finished that. then yesterday finally got time and went got the HDD replaced, installed everything and then my sweetheart was back all alive ready to serve me.. he he.. hmm i know it must be sounding quite dumb to u that i m writing about my HDD crash.. there must be n number of people with n number of HDD crashing everyday. but for me its not just my PC but its my dear pal who is always there with me. u know we always say whatever happens , happens for good. this HDD crash also in a way ended being a good thing cos i learnt quite a bit about laptops the diagnosis, F8, F12, F2, system restore, factory restore, OS install and also how to get the HDD out.. he he learning all of this was fun. cos its always good to learn new thing even when they r not related to ur profession. but i hope i wont have to do all of this on my PC again, hope for no more stupid mistakes.. by the i wanna say one thing here "my dear laptop i m really happy to have u back". :)