in self's company..

siting here in a boring room,.. 
just another stupid Sunday afternoon..
i m westing my time, , i have got nothing to do... .. . 

This boredom is gonna kill me. not that i haven't got anything to do, but i m bored of what i have got to do.. ?? ??  i know i know..

But i want to ask a question to u all, my dear readers. do u really wait for weekends ?? i mean really the way people talk about it on TV on FM radio,and the way people talk about it  in there friends circles. Do u really look forward for weekends for all the weekdays?? When it comes to me, i have never waited for any weekend in my life. cos there has not been any exciting weekend for me. When i was in collage there was no need for a special weekend. We used to have fun anytime when we felt like. At that time i used to feel that weekends are for the working people. who slog all the week and go out  enjoy . party around for refreshment on weekends. So they can be back to work all refreshed on Monday morning. Now when i have joined my office, this weekend factor isn't inn my life as of now. (i wonder why??) i mean this will make u have an impression of me being the biggest boring girl on the planet. but its not true. So siting here today i m trying to find out as to why i m never excited about the weekends like others.. There are many things actually first and the imp one is the set of close friends that i have aren't party freak like me. another one might be, every weekend most of them have some family thing or the other. (they r really family family type kids, not like me :) } Other reason might be this city, the mumbai, the fun n crazy city as we all know it. Cos of its geography and if u know the map its a linear city so travelling in mumbai takes a lot of ur time. On weekends i m no where in mood to get into a local train n travel some KM just to watch a movie (i m not at all a movie person) After visiting few other cities, (thanks to our study trips), i have started hating this city for this travelling aspect of it. i strongly feel smaller the city better the life is. And the last and the worst reason is the office that i m in right now has no good people, good as in people i would like to hang out with. stupid office. huhhh.. There are lot of  important and good points about this ferm,like the kind of work they do.and kind of exposer i m getting here but this is a worst one that i m the youngest person in the office. and have no one interesting there. Working in this ferm have made me believe that having a good companion at the work place is really really important. so sitting here in a boring room i did something interesting i managed to find the reasons for not having an exciting weekend. Also one more thing i though of just now is, why do need to have someones company always to have good time. U urself can be ur company. isnt it?? and the way this life goes u cant be always having someone by ur side. so decided today on words i will try n enjoy my own company by doing something interesting.. i guess as of now i will sit in my garden with my coffee observing the people passing by.. and may be a small walk after that, what say ?? good idea isn't it?? so me off for my weekend fun.. u guys having ur rocking weekend..

 take care.. 


Nik said…
U really dont need sat/sunday to be a weekend to enjoy. Look at me? I have had only weekday weekends since I started working and its still good :)

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