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The afternoon breeze.

I am resting my head on his stomach. His fingers are lost in conversation with my hair. I am lost in the conversation with this afternoon breeze. The window is open but covered with sheer curtain. Just enough light is entering the room. Just enough sun falling over me so I could play with it. The beautiful patterns it’s creating on the floor are as gorgeous as his softly lit face. I gently turn my head and look up at him. He looks so calm and peaceful just like a crystal clear lake. At that very moment he opens his eyes and I see the ripples below the surface of the lake. We smile that smile of contentment and get back to our worlds.
The curtain is moving with the beats of soft classical music. Every time the breeze is blowing the curtain higher, I get the glimpse of this Neem tree. Its leaves and me, we are on the same team. Playing with sunrays. Our game of light and shadows. 
We are all one right now. Me , him, the sun, the music and this afternoon breeze. We are all part of this be…

Time to turn the page ;

There were times; I spent hours looking at my ceiling fan. There were times when I looked at the walls of my room imagining shapes. There were times when I kept staring at the window pane, watching the day go by. There were times I stood under the shower hoping to get breathless. There were times I would lay in bed with my eyes close, trying to shut the world away. There were times when I plugged in my earphones and listened to deafening music trying to drown my memories out. There were times when I stared at my reflection in the mirror searching for myself. Searching for life in those empty eyes. That was the year 2017 for me.
They say heartbreaks are essential in the self-development. I never really believed it, until recently. Was that depression? Was that me mourning the death of one relationship? Was that me losing a part of myself? Was I washing away my dreams with my tears? Was that just pain? Was that the agony of a broken heart? Was that just me coming to terms with reality? R…