Oct 30, 2009


Don’t know why but surfed through the old snaps of mine. Old as in not real old ones, just last 5-6 yrs. Or to be precise the memories of my architectural course. Was too good of a fun seeing those once again. Everyone looked so different, we all looked like kids. The 1st year photos are marvelous cos that was the beginning where we looked like as if all of us were from all different corners. New to all this, new to architecture, new to each other Popping our little heads out of our own cocoons. And trying to become one class, trying to become KRVI’ts (my college KRVIA) the second year snaps are fun, we actually look like pals for ages, as we belong to one big family. So innocent we were. There wasn’t much of a group-lism by then. But by the end of third year we had made our small small groups, and still were a class when we had to be a class.

With time we knew our differences, we knew our likings, we knew our preferences too, but on the process of knowing all of this the idea of “one class” had already taken a back seat. Fading up slowing in our minds. Wasn’t surprising, cos that’s human nature we love to form cocoons, sometimes just by ourselves, or sometimes with the preferred ones. By the end of fourth year even the occasional hi-bye vanished away, and the ones who did so either it was for the heck of it or for some own purpose. Thankfully there wasn’t any rivalry as such in the class. Fifth year added to the gap, we started working and were on our own in the big outside world. New work, new people, new world. The gap between us expanded. Some of us tried to reduce it. It worked with some with other there wasn’t any reciprocal reaction.

And now its very different, all of us are scattered. Soon ill be out of this college, and I wonder will anyone miss me? will anyone remember me? Answer is unknown but I know one thing ill never forget these five years, cos I have learnt a lot. I have got a lot, some good some bads. I loved may pals, and I still love them. The way Newton said ‘every action has a equal n opposite reaction’ I think even friendship is like that. If there isnt equal reaction the bond never lasts.

Ohh!! What am I talking about.. I thought I would say something nice and cheerful cos was very happy looking at those pictures, I thought I would tell u about some funny snaps which reminded me of crazy fun we had… but I guess I am little nostalgic now..

I would say even if we have 10 friends only 3-4 of them would be your real friends, who think the same for u the way u do. And those are the ones who know what’s on ur mind even just by the way u say “hello!” on the call…those are the ones who love u for you are, the ones who know truly know who you are… I do have such pals (very few but that’s better) and I am happy that I have realized this so soon in my life…

Posting a snap of mine to change the mood of the post. That 1st day of my life when I wore saree. Shits can’t forget that..see how I look. :D ...bye

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Oct 21, 2009

hello..once again.

Its almost two months .. Quite a long time for anyone to not blog isn’t it.. but things have way too busy in life. I had some final college submissions to make, so was caught up with that. Some family things also kept me busy. And frankly speaking I totally forgot I have a blog as well :D.. so now u should know my mind was so caught up with things. But it always feels nice to get back to the blog, my own space. Saw some comment which I didn’t check for all this time. I hope u guys had a great Diwali and loads of fun. My Diwali wasn’t to great again cos of my studies. Didn’t do much this time. And actually have lot more things to update u about..but don’t have enough time to do so.. but I m sure u ill do it soon.. n u will wait n come back to read it :D..

See you soon

Take care..