my loss :(

Sorry guys for not keeping u updated about me for so long.. was a technical problem, my laptop’s adaptor was gone bad.. so now i m back cos i brought the new adaptor now.. so how r u??.. nothing much has been happening in my life as such. Just office, personal work that’s it, oh sorry!! How can i forget to tell u this... forgot to tell u something imp the only interesting thing which happened in life is i had a short trip to Hyderabad.. yeah i know .. Wasn’t really a planned trip, but it ended being a good one. Will have to write a separate post about it for sure. :P
But today’s post is not about all of that, its about what i lost today. I mean for u or for anyone else it may not sound as a big lost. But for me it is. Some days ago i had to format my Pc i did take a backup. Everything went well, i installed all the stuffs back, i loaded my data back but one file was missing ..that word file where i wrote down all the imp sms from important someone. And the crazy part is its been quite some time for this thing but today when i was reading some old sms on my cell it strike me that the word file is missing from my PC. And that was the moment of the realization of this loss..i hate myself to be so careless... i m very much attached to the whole sms thing cos those small line.. Those sweet nothings,, and more over its like preserving those small talk the form of sms.. so i m all sad today... for this lost ..and i wanna say one thing i miss u my “sms word file” (named “moi’s sms”) and ill always miss u.. L
(did i tell u that my cell phone has capacity to store 700 sms.. J yeah i know!!)


Nik said…
I know the sms must have been important but its the feelings that matter. If those are still there between u and ur special someone, I am sure u would end up having many more sms's from him and also a better phone to store more sms :P
hey cute one .. sorry abt the file.. the hard drive on my office computer crashed and i lost a lot of imp files .. lot of work .. ya i know not the same ;)
D@r$hi said…
@ kalpana :
thank u kalpana..
but u will agree work is different ans personal files are different..

@nik: yeah u said it write if the feeling is still there..there would be many more msgs as well..
but the feeling to lose the shreds of the past is still gona be there..

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