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Imagine if mirrors were to reflect your characteristics and not your actual physical form, what you think you would see as your reflection. I do know what I will see. I will see Nenita as my reflection. She is a friend of mine from my new office. Now you are confused as to why will I see her, right? You will get an answer to that just read on. All my life (I mean not that I am too old, but still)I have meet people who had similar habits or few similar likings. So I was always very curious as to why would that happen? Isn’t every human being supposed to be unique?  Then I was introduced to the existence of something called sun- signs. Something which segregates people as per their birth dates. I read a book about it to know more and found it difficult to believe that so many millions on people across the world are just categorized in few sun-signs.  So I just left it there at the back of my mind. Then in my college I meet a girl who was born on the same day as me. She was the first pers…