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my garden tails (tales)!!

I never ever thought the backyard of my house has so much that i was unaware of. These are some of the visitors i tried to capture. I really wish i knew there names. when i find time i surely try to find out. as of now just introducing u to "My Garden tails" :)
If i had a better cam may be an SLR the snaps wud have been more intresting. :(

vacation Part-2

I m back, I know took a little let’s not waste any more time and continue withPart- 2The real vacation started the very moment when those crystal clear waves touched our feet, the smooth wind blew on our skin, and all we could hear was wind and all that we could see was the ocean. It felt heaven to be at such a place. So neat, so clean, total pure form of nature. Three of us were just walking on the shore being quite, cos I guess all of us were amazed and lost in the beauty of the place. We walked and walked looking around, clicking pictures, making faces, chasing each other at times, and racing like kids. Everything felt right at that time, its didn’t matter actually, all right and wrong things were left behind. Imagine such an amazing beach and u r the only people on the beach. Would u really care then?? It felt as if we owned the place, and as if it was our territory. After the first intro to the place we were starved cos we walked a lot. So had our lunch and then sat fo…