Sep 14, 2009

my garden tails (tales)!!

I never ever thought the backyard of my house has so much that i was unaware of. These are some of the visitors i tried to capture. I really wish i knew there names. when i find time i surely try to find out. as of now just introducing u to "My Garden tails" :)
If i had a better cam may be an SLR the snaps wud have been more intresting. :(

Sep 8, 2009

vacation Part-2

I m back, I know took a little let’s not waste any more time and continue with

Part- 2

The real vacation started the very moment when those crystal clear waves touched our feet, the smooth wind blew on our skin, and all we could hear was wind and all that we could see was the ocean. It felt heaven to be at such a place. So neat, so clean, total pure form of nature. Three of us were just walking on the shore being quite, cos I guess all of us were amazed and lost in the beauty of the place. We walked and walked looking around, clicking pictures, making faces, chasing each other at times, and racing like kids. Everything felt right at that time, its didn’t matter actually, all right and wrong things were left behind. Imagine such an amazing beach and u r the only people on the beach. Would u really care then?? It felt as if we owned the place, and as if it was our territory.

After the first intro to the place we were starved cos we walked a lot. So had our lunch and then sat for sometime enjoying the wind. Got some rest in the afternoon. Today being the 1st day we decided not to go in water and keeping this day a dry day. (in all ways J) day seemed smaller for some reasons cos the sunset was real early here. Then we talked, chit chatted. And as always I was the bakara for all sorts of leg pulling. I got to know a-b-c-d of “Dakarrr”. As we had eventful day we went to bed early planning for a good early morning jog for tomorrow morning.

The early morning happened to be at 10am. Cos we had such a good sleep, none of us woke up for the “planned jog”. Anyways that didn’t matter much cos we were on a vacationJ. Had breakfast, and then the real fun was there!!. We got into our short, kept all our imp gadgets in the room and just jumped into the water. Damn it was madness the waves had super force, the wind was super fast too, and the water was nicely cold. We looked like three kids who went in water for the 1st time. We jumped, we hopped, we ran, and dashed on the waves. It was just awesome. Pure awesomeness. We sat in water, closed our noses and went bellow water. We were floating, we were trying to fight with waves, and top to bottom we were drenched. When we came out of the water it was almost 4 hours that we were in water and still we wanted to go back. Hell loads of chapp chapp like kids. Then what, good lunch and some rest cos even when our hearts wanted to go back in water the bodies were screaming for rest. Nikhil had some small problem in his knee too. So we got some rest. As it was a vacation for me having booze was an integral part of it. It was me and suku who had to go on our hunt to find booze Nikhil decided to stay back. We went to market brought booze (my favorite vodka). 1st time I was buying booze N even when I was away from Nikhil may just for an hour or so, I was still missing him. Felt stupid to miss him like that stupidly in love I guess J. So then by the time we were back time for dinner with nice drinking session. Where me n Suku were d 1st to finish our pegs and had to wait till Mr Nikhil finishes his. As always started blabbering the very moment I finished two pegs. Loads of stupidity, he stopped me from drinking more so we finished our small party and said good night..Frankly speaking I don’t remember when I sleptJ.

Next day morning we were in water little early. Did lots of masty today as well. These guys were busy playing in the water, I was busy listening to a good music and enjoying the waves. But as u know if u don’t have any thriller in the story it isn’t fun. Same thing happened here. Me being the girl my parents got hell conscious as to where I was and all. And they wanted to talk to someone I was with. Man shits u should have seen our faces. They didn’t know I was with Nikhil if they knew this trip wouldn’t have been there. So then we had to think and think for a way out. Having two tech savvy people with me helped. We made a conference call and it actually worked. God felt so good. Then again the trip was back on track. He gifted me a nice t-shirt which I wore today and it was good one as always. His choice is nice (including me) or may be he knows me so well that he knows what will look good on me. Today’s day was an eventful day, and the last day of the trip too cos we were to take train tomorrow back to Mumbai. Woke up early did all the packing and left the rooms. Our train being in the evening we had all possible time in the world to do time pass. We sat there doing nothing. Then me and Nikhil went for our last stroll on the beach promising that we would come back here soon. We took local bus to station and dumped our luggage on platform. We were almost 2-3 hours early. Sat there like three lukhas having no work in life. At 6:30pm boarded the train and that was the end of our small n fun vacation. So our journey back home started the moment train started. Felt little bad that it was over, but felt amazing for the fact that we had a good vacation.

Nikhil and Suku were to stay in Mumbai for two more days.

So I will be back with part-3 of the vacation or I would say Mumbai part of the vacation.. See ya.