Dec 6, 2009


Here I finished the most awaited book “Five point someone” finally. Not that I m a big dieheart fan of chetan bhagat but I read all the other books by him apart from the very 1st one. I was introduced to him by Nikhil who wanted me to read ‘One Night @ Call centre’ (so he gifted me that one). Was a good book worth a read (and I read it twice). But this post isn’t about chetan or his books. This is about my fantasy, a lifelong fantasy which never came true.

My fantasy to stay in a hostel in my student life. Isn’t that amazing, staying on your own, away from your family taking care of your own things. The freedom of taking decisions, managing your own finance, being on your own in all ups and downs. All this sounds super exciting to me. I always kept dreaming as to how it would have been if I had a chance to stay in a hostel. Not as paying guest and all but being an hostelite. Being under those restrictions, rules still finding your way out, breaking the deadlines. I strongly believe if I were in a hostel even for couple of years I would have been a total different person( don’t worry not a spoil brat) do have some friends who have stayed. Life in a hostel teaches you so much. I mean one should really stay in a hostel to know the real “you”. It makes you self dependent it makes an individual.

I do have friends who stayed in hostel. They kept telling me stories about the life in a hostel. Like how goody goody it may sound to stay away from folks this and that, but nothing remains Mary go round. But you know what I don’t care how harsh it might turn out to be, I would get a lifelong lesson. A lesson of its kind. This book reminded me of my long forgotten fantasy. And I enjoyed it so much cos kept imagining myself as one of the character in the story and kept thinking how it would have been. It was too good of fun even when I cant go and do those things I could at least do it in my imagination in the world of this book. I would always regret not having that peace of happiness, fun, madness being an hostelite…