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my loss :(

Sorry guys for not keeping u updated about me for so long.. was a technical problem, my laptop’s adaptor was gone bad.. so now i m back cos i brought the new adaptor now.. so how r u??.. nothing much has been happening in my life as such. Just office, personal work that’s it, oh sorry!! How can i forget to tell u this... forgot to tell u something imp the only interesting thing which happened in life is i had a short trip to Hyderabad.. yeah i know .. Wasn’t really a planned trip, but it ended being a good one. Will have to write a separate post about it for sure. :P
But today’s post is not about all of that, its about what i lost today. I mean for u or for anyone else it may not sound as a big lost. But for me it is. Some days ago i had to format my Pc i did take a backup. Everything went well, i installed all the stuffs back, i loaded my data back but one file was missing ..that word file where i wrote down all the imp sms from important someone. And the crazy part is its been quite …