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my b'day gift

whats is this ??or why is this here??? wait let me tell u..these are just some snaps of the beautiful gift which i got on my b'day from suku... who sent it to me all the way from hyderabad..Amazing isn’t it..thanks to Nikhil that he carried it all the way with him. I was really happy to see this gift. Not because i love plans and all (that was the reason too) but mostly for the thought behind it. to send the good luck plant , to send that good luck all the way 900km. That thought was amazing. I really felt like giving him a big fat hug. Thanks suku (sukumar). Talking about suku, he is kind of new friend of mine through a common link that we have that’s Nikhil. But since the time we have spoke to each other that common link is sidelined and now i can very well say that me and suku are friends. He is nice guy as much as i have got to know about him. True hearted and adorable as well. Little sentimental, little bit of filmy, but fun, yeah and philosopher as well but in a limit... yea…

yuppy!!! :)

finally found new look for my blog...
:) it was good enough of an hunting business.. but this is my own space efforts don't count...

thanks to nikhil for the technical part though.. thanks a lot sweetheart..
so how do u all find the new look of .. comments are most awaited...
take care..


9:15am Churchgate fast local. Ladies compartment, usual crowd. But something unusual today. Something or I should say someone unusual. That face which didn’t belong to that place. She was sitting there on a forth seat. Everyone who entered kept asking here as to where she wanted to get down. She didn’t reply she kept looking at everyone, and she kept quite. I looked into her eyes, and could only see one thing fear. I wondered what was she afraid of. She wore an outfit with all possible colours in the colour palate, silver jewellery all over her, oiled hair. And she bared a smell, not of any perfume but may be a smell of that place where she belonged, may be a smell of all those sweaty days, or may be just a smell of her poverty. She kept sitting there, and someone or the other kept asking her. I turned and looked at her once. But there was one thing i could not miss about her, her eyes. At that moment I felt as if she was wrapped in her cocoon and the only thing which visible was, h…

Celebrity Collage


keep moving on..

Another ditch in the road...u keep moving..
Another stop sign ....u keep moving on... – Savage garden
Perfect words for this unpredictable life of ours. Isn’t it?? Where u don’t really know what’s in stored for us in next moment. Something good may be something bad or something totally crazy. Sometimes i think ‘surprise ‘is a perfect synonym for ‘life’. But the problem here is we always relate surprise to something good. But bad things happen with a surprise too its just that we don’t call it a surprise. Human emotions, they are always been a mystery to me. We fall, we fail, we cry but we still stand up again, we stand up for some more surprise to live. Without thinking about good or bad.
I haven’t seen much in my life but how much ever i have seen, how much ever i have learnt..i know one thing “HOPE FOR GOOD”.. and keep moving..
Another ditch in the road...u keep moving..
Another stop sign ....u keep moving on..
that’s the key to live this life, isn’t it??