Jun 7, 2010

i love it ..

I love rains.

Coz the way raindrops fall on the leaves, the earth, the roads, leaving everything rejuvenated,

Coz I can sit at my window n see the rain and still have some sparkles of drops falling over my face.

Cos the way I can lie down in my bed, all cozy in my sheets, and listen to the heavy rains outside and fall asleep listening to it.

Cos the way I stand under the shower and suddenly chilled water falls on my head, leaving goosebumps all over me,

Cos the way some bird comes for shelter in the window n flutters its wings in patterns, taking different shapes just to dry itself,

Coz I have a sip of hot coffee and the combination of rain and coffee seems to be just awesome, (vodka for instance)

Cos the way my hair are wet n the water trickles down on my bare back, the same way it trickles down the window glass,

Cos the way I wanna snuggle bellow the sheets, trying to balance between the warmth and cold air around,

Cos the way kiss seems to be as perfect as it could get,

Cos the way my umbrella flies n still leaves me with a smile, even after a slight irritation, just the effect of the soothing raindrops,

I love rains cos the very way it makes everything so simply romantic.