Feb 9, 2016

from my train window

Fat tree, thin tree, no leaves tree..
Where is the trunk tree, short tree, oh my god huge tree…
No no don’t worry. This isn’t my horrible attempt at writing a poem about trees. I am writing this while seated in the train travelling home. And yet again my train journey inspired me to write.
As usual I end up sitting in the door watching the world pass by. Its beautiful what all we get to see. Like an art exhibition. One canvas after the other. Each more creative, more fascinating than the previous. Its like marathon of colors. Every crop, every field , every tree with its unique tone. Hues of green, yellow, orange. All possible shades one can imagine. The moment you think you saw it all, totally new shade will surprise you. The shade card doesn’t stop there; sky isn’t far behind mother earth. It will show you stunning tones of crystal clear blue to blazing yellow, tranquil deep orange. The transformation of the of palate will leave you dazed.
That not it what you get to see. You would get to witness the inspirations of an artist. The small temple sitting quietly along the canal.  A peacock in its full glory walking in the meadow. Small well along with ladies clad in colorful drapes. The village school next to the tracks. It’s so close, every time the train passes by, kids wave cheerful goodbyes. Bullock cart and the clinging bells. One giant neem tree sitting in the midst of a farm. As the protector of realm. That lone white bird in the backdrop of lush green. The shepherd looking over his flock sitting under the tree.
Today I got to see something new. The entire farm on fire, they do it after harvest. To end the last crop and begin the new one. The blaze were so high , I could feel the heat sitting so far away. Also got to see sunset. The sun transformed itself from bright orange to soothing red dot. It was so serene so beautiful. I forgot to to take a picture. But then I realized my camera lens won’t do justice to it. To the painting no artist can portrait.  At that moment I thought to myself…
Everything has an end, for something more beautiful to begin.

Reminds me of a rhyme I wrote once..
“at last goes the sun..
its not the end..

new era has begun..”

Jul 27, 2015

Just because you can ??

Here is a simple scenario. You have guests in the house. You are chit chatting, enjoying snacks, and having a good family time. The very next moment you 5 year old son goes to the corner of the living room pull his pants down n starts peeing on the wall. What would you do? You would run and stop him from doing that? Scold him and tell him this isn’t an appropriate. Tell him that you have to use washroom, and its bad manners to pull your pants down in-front of people. If you are strict parent then the kid will get smacked (i would do that J). You would be highly embarrassed in front of your guests. You would laugh it out and try to change the topic, right??

So if I have understood it correct all our parents and their parents and their great grand parents have told us all one thing when we were growing. One has to use washroom to go pee and potty. As kids we followed it as well. Even when the desperate times during classes, we asked for teacher’s permission and went to washroom. Did it ever come to your head that u can just walk out the class and pee in the corridor itself??  Yukkkk.. That is so disgusting. Right?

Then why have we forgotten the basics while growing up. Every day while travelling, i see so many men facing the walls. On the main roads, at traffic signals, near the trees standing and peeing. Without any shame. Without worrying if there are people and females nearby. It just does not matter. Recently I encountered an incident, where this guy with his wife and kid stopped his two wheeler went near the wall and started to pee. While his family looked away pretending to not know him.

As a woman i would really like to say one thing. It is disgusting to see you men being so shameless. To see that you do not respect any female apart from your family. (Because u don’t do it anywhere in your house). Just because you have your back to the road does not mean people can’t see you. Just because you have a smaller bladder than women does not mean whole city is an urinal for you. There is a saying u must have heard few people use, “when a man has to go, man has to go?”  i am sure this does not mean “when a man has go, he can go anywhere.” And trust me there is no woman who would say they are ok with seeing a man urinating in public. (I cannot talk in mens behalf).

So a very sincere appeal to all the men, next time when you think of urinating in public, imagine 10 people standing and watching u. Would you still go for it?? Would you really want to be the one adding that stink to the roads, you cannot bare passing by??  Stop it for the respect of your own privacy, for your own self respect.