Aug 19, 2009

Our 1st vacation.. -part1

There were arguments, there were fights, there were days when we didn’t talk to each other and finally there was a day when we headed for our 1st vacation…that’s 5th august 2009 place:Tarkarli-konkan.

Nikhil’s arrival in Mumbai was 11:30am and our train was at 11:00pm. Don’t get surprised with his early arrival like that. Cos sometimes it’s just too difficult to stay away so he decided that we will roam around a little in Mumbai and then catch our train. As we say everything isn’t ‘Merry go round’. I couldn’t go to airport to receive him cos some family things came up so Nikhil and Suku had to find their own way. Which I was sure Nikhil was capable of. But I was feeling really awful for not going to airport n then even after he was in my city I was still away from him, was definately a sad feeling. The most important thing which made me feel nice was, I just told him the reason for not coming and even before I could say anything he told me to take my time. i felt so relaxed n really wanted to say thanks to him for such an understanding. Anyways managed things as fast as possible n finally I was at Mochha where these guys were passing there time till I come (or I should say nicely enjoying there hukahh). Gave him a call n told him to come outside. And that was the moment, like every other time, when my smile went bigger my heart went faster and the world felt nicer, the very moment I m in his arms. Meet Suku (our common friend) who was visiting Mumbai for the 1st time. So he was having a good bird watch. Then we started thinking as to what all we can do cos our train being in the night we had plenty of time. We headed for our lunch cos I knew these guys must have been hungry and I was hungry too (cos in the excitement of meeting him I had nothing since morning was just on my coffee .. J shuuuhhhhhh!!) so took these guys to an Chinese restaurant called ‘Stomach’. Did hell lot of time pass had good food and waited for Shweta to arrive.(shweta my friend but a perfect partner of Nikhil J). Finished our lunch, and then took Nikhil to my office cos people at work wanted to meet him. Sat there for some time and then went to nearby mall. Malls are the best places to do time pass even for the whole day, u sit there do nothing still no one comes to bother you. And anyways we looked like four lukhas who had nothing to do in life and were sitting there. Then there was Suku’s friend who came to meet him, Nikhil and shweta went and brought gifts for her ( nothing for me L) basically loads of time pass. Finally we left the mall and headed towards CST. As u all know when he is with me I forget half the things cos he takes away all my attention. We got into the local n then I realized I paid for our tickets but forgot to take them so we got down on the next station and brought new tickets. I hated myself for it and said sorry n no of times but still I m very foolish sometimes. Reached CST got settled in our seats, and the train started n the same moment the thought which travelled my mind was, finally our 1st vacation he he. And the 1st long distance journey with him the one I always wanted to go for. We talked for for a while but these guys were really tired cos they had come right after there shift and then there was whole lot of roaming around, so we said good night and were back on our own berths. Within seconds these guys were on the moon but I was awake for very long, partly cos of the happiness and partly cos of some moron making some stupid noises to seek my attentions..bloody idiot..

Overnight journey at around 11:30am we reached the resort. Before we reached there Nikhil gave me a warning saying that “hopefully the place is good or u are dead”. The moment we reached n saw the view my heart was full of pride for choosing this place. It was too good of a place. And isolated beach and small houses (our rooms) along the beach in the rows of trees. Amazing it was. I looked at him and noticed the small smile on his face when he was looking around. Held each other and thought as to how long we have to wait for this moment to come. And then Nikhil said “it’s gona be five years… our 1st vacation” and both of us had a smile…

good start of vacation I guess..

To be continued ..