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Our 1st vacation.. -part1

There were arguments, there were fights, there were days when we didn’t talk to each other and finally there was a day when we headed for our 1st vacation…that’s 5th august 2009 place:Tarkarli-konkan.Nikhil’s arrival in Mumbai was 11:30am and our train was at 11:00pm. Don’t get surprised with his early arrival like that. Cos sometimes it’s just too difficult to stay away so he decided that we will roam around a little in Mumbai and then catch our train. As we say everything isn’t ‘Merry go round’. I couldn’t go to airport to receive him cos some family things came up so Nikhil and Suku had to find their own way. Which I was sure Nikhil was capable of. But I was feeling really awful for not going to airport n then even after he was in my city I was still away from him, was definately a sad feeling. The most important thing which made me feel nice was, I just told him the reason for not coming and even before I could say anything he told me to take my time. i felt so relaxed n really wa…