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next day celebration 6-7th Ian

Yes !! yes finally managed, and that also in a good way. Guess what? Ok let me tell u as to what am i talking about. And if u have read the previous post u must have got the hintJ.
Its always been same or i should say mostly its been same when Nikhil comes here. We meet, we eat n go to mall watch some movie, then a good lunch, ice cream and a long stroll on beach. Not that i don’t like doing that, but then this time his trip was on a good occasion, my b’day and most importantly it was our 4th anniversary too. So was really a big reason. I thought let’s do something else. As always we ended discussing what we will do all these days, planning the trip this way that way. And i was doing my own planning separatelyJ. I must say thanks to shweta cos she was my inspiration for the plan.
My b’day went fine but real happiness struck me when i went to bed and had a thought that I’ll be meeting him tomorrow. Trust me even that thought brings a big smile on my face and i thought what would be …

My b'day- 5th jan 2009

Sorry people I took so long to write again actually now a days its kinda difficult to sit n do anything after office.. and even the net was down for sometime now so even when I finished writing I couldn’t upload it. But still now, I m trying my best to schedule my day..n find time for everything or I should say most of it. Let’s see how that comes up.

Anyways it was my b’day on 5th of jan. like it is every year. :D but it wasn’t like my b’days in last few years cos this time I wasn’t in collage but my office. So I wasn’t really excited about it. So didn’t even dress up or got ready for the b’day was in my usual dress up. Went to office little sleepy cos few friends of mine did call me at 12 so that was a good start. But when I went to office nobody actually remembered my b’day. It made me miss my class so much cos every b’day u entre the class n 40 people will sing for u as loud as possible. And then all of them will give u warm hugs, with some compliments and yeah how can I forget ‘D…