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isolated beauty.. 28/12/08

Iceland is the best place for any kind of vacation. The geography itself isolates u from the world around and takes u to new place altogether.(for sure I m talking about the small Icelands here).
It was on our mind for very long time to visit Arnala fort near virar. If u have read the old blog u will know how we tried going but then were not mentally prepared. But this time we were all ready for it. Reached the beach at around 11:00am (one hour lateJ anyways). And then came to the jetty where we had to catch a boat, yes the same one we got scared of . But this time there was no fear at all. We pulled our pants up n jumped in the boat, was good fun to see the boat little empty than last time. 10min more and we were on our destination ‘Iceland’. There was no one waiting for us there neither anyone we knew, but strong fish smell welcomed us with all its love. All of us eat fish so we didn’t mind the smell. Moreover we ended up taking snaps with fish. And making someone taste fish. J so th…

15th - Finally the first day!

Yes yes u are right finally the first day of my office. Reached on time because didn’t want any bad impression on the very first day. Was nicely dressed with formal shirt, n formal shoe so was very happy in a way. But as u know it too much of excitement might just spoil things yeah I agree it does. I actually got down a little early and had to walk down for two signals almost. Was fine though cos I m not that against of walking. Even after that managed to reach on time.
I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or bad, but when I entered the office there were all guys not a single girl. So when I stepped in all of them turned and looked at me. Was kind of weird feeling but still managed to hide it n said a casual good morning n introduced myself. Sat on the computer which was empty n just did something or the other to make myself feel normal.
After sometime mam came and trust me I was never so happy to see some female like I was today. She sounds like a sweet lady lets see. So finally had …

Expect the unexpected :)

Nikhil always says this “expect the unexpected” and follows that when it comes to giving me surprises. Ok I know I know u must be eager to know what surprise he gave me this time. No actually not a surprise but this trip happened all of a sudden. Something went wrong in Jodhpur so had to rush an reach there as soon as possible. So he stayed thr for some days and as always we thought of meeting on his journey back home. So that’s what I m talking about that we meet unexpectedly….
As always I had that BIG smile when we decided to meet. So we meet on 12th, but before I forget I would love to say one thing here that ‘I HATE INDIAN RAILS’ why do they have to make trains run late when we meet for such a small span of time. Yeah train was late this time as well for 45 min L duffer trains. Anyway cant do much about that. So we meet and I forgot all my anger everything n it was all magic of his love in d air the moment I saw him. I always find it magical. N this magic made things little bad for…

Lucky charm :)

I m sure all of u must have become a lucky charm for someone in ur life at least once. So how did u feel being a lucky charm?? Being someone’s lucky charm is a sweet feeling for sure. Yupe!! I became a lucky charm for someone today, my friend “shashi’. I m sure u wanna know why my I calling myself to be his lucky charm. Let me tell u..
I m actually helping him to design the interior of his house. (1st real project !!yeah) so in the morning he came to my place regarding the same thing. I showed him my inputs and ideas. He was very impressed to see the whole design in 3D form. The sense of satisfaction n some more trust about me and work was clearly visible on his face. So had a talk, he gave his inputs, I gave him some advice regarding the quotation and the budget of the project this and that. as both of us had to go out we left together. Me and shashi actually stay in same area just 15min away from each other but on opposite sides. so two of us hardly cross paths n meet. (u will know w…