Dec 30, 2008

isolated beauty.. 28/12/08

Iceland is the best place for any kind of vacation. The geography itself isolates u from the world around and takes u to new place altogether.(for sure I m talking about the small Icelands here).
It was on our mind for very long time to visit Arnala fort near virar. If u have read the old blog u will know how we tried going but then were not mentally prepared. But this time we were all ready for it. Reached the beach at around 11:00am (one hour lateJ anyways). And then came to the jetty where we had to catch a boat, yes the same one we got scared of . But this time there was no fear at all. We pulled our pants up n jumped in the boat, was good fun to see the boat little empty than last time. 10min more and we were on our destination ‘Iceland’. There was no one waiting for us there neither anyone we knew, but strong fish smell welcomed us with all its love. All of us eat fish so we didn’t mind the smell. Moreover we ended up taking snaps with fish. And making someone taste fish. J so there we start having fun and going crazy.
The fort isn’t big, n there isn’t much to see inside the fort because there is just the fort wall and one temple inside. Still as we were not in hurry and being in architecture interest us in any of such things. So we climbed the steps which took us on the top of the wall. The view of the sea all around was really worth a see. As u know me and my cartoon we clicked many snaps .or I should say funny snaps. Fort wall wasn’t that big so we thought we will take a good 360 walk. Then we were on our journey of that walk. When our stomach started calling we got down from the wall n sat in a small shaded area (can call it arcade) and opened our tiffin. It reminded me of the school picnics when we used to ask each other to what u have in ur tiffins.(good old days) We all knew there wont be any hotel on the fort so all of us had tiffins. Except Pritish, but he is excused cos he doesn’t stay with his family.

And u wont imagine how amazing it felt to sit on that cold basalt stone with that cooling breeze, and for sure the good food, thanks to vidhi for butter chicken . love u sweetheart. So had nice lunch there. Sat there chit chating cos we hardly meet nowadays cos of the office. At one point Ritesh said we will always be like this and won’t split up. All agreed to it. And to tell u frankly I love all of them I wont like even a singe person going out of the group. Have my fingers crossed. Anyways we didn’t get any emotional cos the place was too good to do that..i don’t remember whose idea was that but I know u would find it wired that we did a proper ramp walk there with Pritish being the show stopper.( yeah he did that J) I must say it was funny as well as good. Good fun. After all the fun we were back to the 360 walk of ours. And then again at one point we got all involve in a good photo session. Like we have always been in all our outings. When Pritish becomes the photographer and we all his models. The photos came out to be really good though.And the scariest moment was when we saw a live snake passing in front of us. Me and Rush are super scared of the snake and I m sure the snake must have freacked too cos of the way screamed. Phhhat gayi thi big time. The walk was soon over with after the snake thing. We ended up jumping like kids when we saw a pile of hey. We couldn’t resist to jump on it cos have never done that before. Was too good of a fun. Had to run away from there cos people were giving us looks. Its not that we really are but still we had lot to explore. Next good surprise was the beach. it was all empty and the water was crystal clear . with loads of small shells on the beach. Reminded us about or 1st year trip to devgad. We enjoyed the water. Played there. Made some visionary pose J. And left that place, next destination was light house but we couldn’t do much there cos there was no way to reach the top of it. Only our monkey (Pritish) managed to climb up and peep.
So that’s how the whole outing happened and then we were back on our journey home. But the big fun was to get into the boat again. We got all wet and didn’t care much. Then nothing, back to our own places, back to the concrete jungle. Waiting for our next trip which would mostly be another amazing place Kaneri caves, national park, that also on our cycles. Let’s see how that comes up.
Will surely tell, u till then u have fun, and try to get out of our concrete jungle cos there is much more stored in there for us in the arms of nature….

Dec 17, 2008

15th - Finally the first day!

Yes yes u are right finally the first day of my office. Reached on time because didn’t want any bad impression on the very first day. Was nicely dressed with formal shirt, n formal shoe so was very happy in a way. But as u know it too much of excitement might just spoil things yeah I agree it does. I actually got down a little early and had to walk down for two signals almost. Was fine though cos I m not that against of walking. Even after that managed to reach on time.
I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or bad, but when I entered the office there were all guys not a single girl. So when I stepped in all of them turned and looked at me. Was kind of weird feeling but still managed to hide it n said a casual good morning n introduced myself. Sat on the computer which was empty n just did something or the other to make myself feel normal.
After sometime mam came and trust me I was never so happy to see some female like I was today. She sounds like a sweet lady lets see. So finally had some female companion. Then I was given one project to work on so got involve in that … to tell u frankly the funniest thing that I felt was when one of my clique told me that all the guys in the office are from keral. I was like OK. No! no ! I don’t have any bad opinion about kerala ppl its just that I wont be knowing if they talk about me anything that’s all. Oh by the way guy who sits next to me he talks a little more… but I m sure I m going to have some quite months of my life …. I hope this doesn’t happen…

So that’s how I have started my office . ill keep u updated tough till then take care….


Dec 14, 2008

Expect the unexpected :)

Nikhil always says this “expect the unexpected” and follows that when it comes to giving me surprises. Ok I know I know u must be eager to know what surprise he gave me this time. No actually not a surprise but this trip happened all of a sudden. Something went wrong in Jodhpur so had to rush an reach there as soon as possible. So he stayed thr for some days and as always we thought of meeting on his journey back home. So that’s what I m talking about that we meet unexpectedly….
As always I had that BIG smile when we decided to meet. So we meet on 12th, but before I forget I would love to say one thing here that ‘I HATE INDIAN RAILS’ why do they have to make trains run late when we meet for such a small span of time. Yeah train was late this time as well for 45 min L duffer trains. Anyway cant do much about that. So we meet and I forgot all my anger everything n it was all magic of his love in d air the moment I saw him. I always find it magical. N this magic made things little bad for me cos I made him get into a wrong train …he he…I know he is going to make me listen to that again n again. But I cant help it the whole feeling of meeting him is so overwhelming that it makes me forget everything. (but still wrong train is little too much I know ;)
Finally we reached rahuls place that’s where he had planed to stay for the night. So he got freshened up. So we sat there had some talk with uncle aunty. But to tell u frankly at one time it looked like we r a married couple . me talking to aunty n Nikhil talking to uncle. Then we left for our lunch which was planed by me. And different place for sure cos as u know he keeps on taunting me for not taking him to new places. “yoko sizzlers’ was d destination. So had good lunch there. N then we were on our search for some gift for our sweetheart avantika (ruchi’s daughter). And u know what we ended up buying diapers for her yeash … J ruchi didn’t know that her brother was also coming to meet her so that was good surprise for her. Avi took a long time to come to us . n u should have seen our faces we looked like tow bhikharis waiting for her smile.. still we managed to hold her n play with her after sometime. And I must say she is pretty n have big eyes like me. J he he… so left ruchi’s place with smile and with some glimpse of our future life. Was a sweet thought.
As always we wanted to end our day peacefully. Beach has always been our favourite place for a nice long stroll. and it was a low tide so was a good empty place for some quality time. The spotlight was real big today for some reason (I hope u remember the spotlight the moon) and as u know I love those moonlight walks with him. It added and extra flavour to those moments. Spent some time there telling each other how much we missed all these much we missed each other all this time. and telling each other nothing but still everything……then the sweet note was the ice-cream . and again his was d nicer flavour. But didn’t really matter cos all flavour got mixed up later…. So with that sweet note we were on our own ways waiting for tomm to come so that we can meet gain….. see u tomm…bye..

Dec 4, 2008

Lucky charm :)

I m sure all of u must have become a lucky charm for someone in ur life at least once. So how did u feel being a lucky charm?? Being someone’s lucky charm is a sweet feeling for sure. Yupe!! I became a lucky charm for someone today, my friend “shashi’. I m sure u wanna know why my I calling myself to be his lucky charm. Let me tell u..

I m actually helping him to design the interior of his house. (1st real project !!yeah) so in the morning he came to my place regarding the same thing. I showed him my inputs and ideas. He was very impressed to see the whole design in 3D form. The sense of satisfaction n some more trust about me and work was clearly visible on his face. So had a talk, he gave his inputs, I gave him some advice regarding the quotation and the budget of the project this and that. as both of us had to go out we left together. Me and shashi actually stay in same area just 15min away from each other but on opposite sides. so two of us hardly cross paths n meet. (u will know why m I telling u all this) on our way to station shashi was littlie quite so I asked him as to what was on his mind. He thought for a moment and told me “there are two important meetings today in d office, and if both of them are successful ill have a good profit in the business. but today for the 1st time I came backward to ur place while going to office. Never ever do that, I m very particular about things when it’s a matter of some important meeting and things like that. and I m kinda having bad vive about it now.” I was little surprised to hear that but then tried to cheer him up an told him that, nothing would go wrong its all the matter of how we think. Also told him that his meetings would be good, just do it nicely. Ten that was end of it and we were on our on way for our own work. Wait ! wait story isnt over yet…

In the night when I was doing something on my laptop,and my cell started ringing. I was shocked cos its rare for my cell to ring so late in the night. And it was shashi, for a moment I was surprised as to why did he call me so late. but then hetold me that both his meeting went amazing and were very successful and that’s going to really help him in his business. And he really wanted to shar thehappiness with me. I was very happy to hear that. but the happier moment was when he said “Darshana, u r vey lucky for me yar, ill make sure I meet u before I go to all my important meetings”. That was quite sweet thing to hear. Wasn’t that? so that’s it while going to bed I had a smile on my face. Cos today I was a lucky charm.

Sweet NIGHT..