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Sometimes I wonder even the people u know the most or u feel it that u know them the most have some side of them which is totally unknown to u. And when u encounter that side of them u wonder if that’s real them. u start thinking or u even feel bad cos even when u so close u still didn’t know something about them. U feel bad and disappointed for not knowing it. Ur brains keeps wondering whether u aren’t worth knowing it, but isn’t that way. We the human beings are so complex so complex with our emotions. After knowing so many people in life I have learnt one thing even though u love someone, or u are strongly bonded with someone there is always a part of u which is just for urself. It isn’t necessary to make someone a part of it cos those our ur moments, ur thoughts, that’s something u have decided to keep to urself. And today when I sit and wonder what it is that I have kept to myself, what it is that no one knows apart from me, I m not able answer it. Is it really that, or I hav…