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Baggy pants to...Aahilya

I haven’t been to many live performances and especially not classical one. But today I found myself sitting very early in the third row of Ravidra Bharti Natya Ghurha. It’s was a dance performance about Ahilya (one of the panchakanya in our mythology) Now you are wondering why would be so eager and excited to watch a performance based on her life, right? Hold on we will come to that soon. So after a bit of a talk the curtains are raised and the show begins. Few young girl walk on the stage gracefully they perform on interesting piece of music and the narration in the background. But I am not happy yet, coz I still searching for her. it goes on with different girls doing there bit on the stage but she is still not there. The lights go off on the dramatic musical beat, a small beam of light falls on a figure just highlighting a graceful, elegant so perfect silhouette. Slowly with another dramatic music lights come up, stage is all lit up and there I see her. That beautiful glowing face, …


Imagine if mirrors were to reflect your characteristics and not your actual physical form, what you think you would see as your reflection. I do know what I will see. I will see Nenita as my reflection. She is a friend of mine from my new office. Now you are confused as to why will I see her, right? You will get an answer to that just read on. All my life (I mean not that I am too old, but still)I have meet people who had similar habits or few similar likings. So I was always very curious as to why would that happen? Isn’t every human being supposed to be unique?  Then I was introduced to the existence of something called sun- signs. Something which segregates people as per their birth dates. I read a book about it to know more and found it difficult to believe that so many millions on people across the world are just categorized in few sun-signs.  So I just left it there at the back of my mind. Then in my college I meet a girl who was born on the same day as me. She was the first pers…