Apr 30, 2012

i miss you

With bright shining sun, 
the glittering sand
& the clear blue sky,
I miss the golden sunset upon your face,
I miss you in Summer.

With the darkened days, 
the soft green carpets
& falling crystals of raindrops
I miss the sparkling dew in your eyes
I miss you in Rains.

With the frozen trees
the snow kissed mountain tops
& long cozy shivering nights
I miss the wet warmth of your embrace
I miss you in Winter.

With the burning sun
and the shimmering full moon
I miss you with the only hope
To be together soon.

Mar 15, 2012


Adorable is a word that’s just not good enough to describe the way she is. A perfect surprise package. Like if you meet her for the first time,  she’ll seem so shy, so in her own cocoon, like a butterfly. Like someone  you wont know what they are all about. As if those colors on the wings all are hidden. Yes, butterfly would be the best way to explain what she is. The one you feel like taking care of, the one you find so fragile that you are afraid even to touch. But you always want it around, refreshing & sparkling, spreading colors everywhere.

You will never be able to read her, just like you cannot guess the trail of a butterfly. In fact she is one with the qualities of bunny rabbit. She would do something and by the time you realize its her, she would nicely put on face “u think its me” with a big wide innocent eyes.

I never thought I would ever have this kind of motherly feeling so soon in my life. But she sure made me feel like a mother. Ya that’s why I used to keep calling her my eighteen year old adopted kid. And if I can I would really do so. (a bribe of separate room with comp, internet 24/7 and loads of chocolates)

She has an aura of happiness that she carries with her. And then when she finished her internship and left the office it seemed as if the most essential colors are missing from the color palette. Its ok, people come and go out of your life, and life moves on. But one thing is for sure. She will always be my first kid (as a single mother) and my love will never change for her.

Love you fatty , where ever you are , whatever you do , I wish you get everything that you dream of even that stupid vampire of yours.

Your (foster) mother darshi