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It’s just green

My last Sunday was too good. No no I didn’t go for any picnic or something. Actually I didn’t have any weekly off and had to go for work even on Sunday. So u thinking as to how come that makes it to be nice Sunday right? I’ll tell you. .. Actually I woke up at 5:30am unlike my weekdays when I wake up by 7:00am reason being I had a site visit to go for and the site was no where nearby but it was in Puna. Yeah!! now u know why did I wake so early. So there our journey starts to puna at 7am in the morning from Andheri .in office car with one of my colleague (sir’s wife). But it was wired cos even after waking up so early (unlike my other Sundays when I wake up by 10 or 11) I was very happy just to be out on Sunday morning cos there was no crowd in the train, on the roads, it seemed like everything belonged to me and I was the only one there. Felt very refreshing to see Mumbai roads without traffic. Like u know me , the moment I got into the back seat next to mam I started talking cos jus…


“GIRLS” what’s the first thing which comes to ur mind after this world? The physical factor, or the girly factor in her?...What defines a girl?. Physical things are natural but according to my observation, the girly factor plays an important role too. Now talking about girly factors, what does it exactly mean? or what all do fall under the name of “those girly factors”. Hmm let me think.. One most important would be the style, style in walking, dressing, talking as well as expressions. Now u would ask expression also has style, I would say yeah it does, for example I did hear many girls using word “isshh!!” (from movie devdas). And I wondered how natural that was. Or like people assume color PINK to be the girls favorite one. and every time I go for shopping the first color shop fellow shows me would be pink, n have to request him to show anything but pink, then he gets this big question mark on his face as if I m an alien or pink was the only color in his shop.. Dressing up putting u…