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Time to turn the page ;

There were times; I spent hours looking at my ceiling fan. There were times when I looked at the walls of my room imagining shapes. There were times when I kept staring at the window pane, watching the day go by. There were times I stood under the shower hoping to get breathless. There were times I would lay in bed with my eyes close, trying to shut the world away. There were times when I plugged in my earphones and listened to deafening music trying to drown my memories out. There were times when I stared at my reflection in the mirror searching for myself. Searching for life in those empty eyes. That was the year 2017 for me.
They say heartbreaks are essential in the self-development. I never really believed it, until recently. Was that depression? Was that me mourning the death of one relationship? Was that me losing a part of myself? Was I washing away my dreams with my tears? Was that just pain? Was that the agony of a broken heart? Was that just me coming to terms with reality? R…