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my first hello!!

Hey happy diwali to all of u… finally I made 1st entry for my blog on the day of diwali. or I should say for my second blog yeh I know now u will ask me if I have one already why I made a new one, or like some people u will say, manage the first one then make a new one, but the point is my 1st blog is just about my poems ( don’t be surprised but I do write poems sometimes, read it someday n see if I really can) but I wanted some space to share any and every RANDOM thought which comes to my mind so here is my new blog ‘my randomiser’. So how did u like the name? I guess its fine enough.
Now about me, cos I think it’s necessary to introduce myself 1st before u guys get introduced to my writing or I would say chirping. Hmm so what should I say about me,??
I am a simple human being, a simple girl whose life revolves around few people in her life, a girl who likes to write, who loves reading mysteries and fat novels, one who is very passionate about dancing. And lik…