Oct 28, 2008

my first hello!!

Hey happy diwali to all of u… finally I made 1st entry for my blog on the day of diwali. or I should say for my second blog yeh I know now u will ask me if I have one already why I made a new one, or like some people u will say, manage the first one then make a new one, but the point is my 1st blog chirpytulips@blogspot.com is just about my poems ( don’t be surprised but I do write poems sometimes, read it someday n see if I really can) but I wanted some space to share any and every RANDOM thought which comes to my mind so here is my new blog ‘my randomiser’. So how did u like the name? I guess its fine enough.
Now about me, cos I think it’s necessary to introduce myself 1st before u guys get introduced to my writing or I would say chirping. Hmm so what should I say about me,??
I am a simple human being, a simple girl whose life revolves around few people in her life, a girl who likes to write, who loves reading mysteries and fat novels, one who is very passionate about dancing. And like any other human being the one who wants to do n- number of things in this small life of mine. Now u must be thinking that’s it about me, yes as of now that’s it cos if I end yup telling u everything about myself in 1st time there would be nothing to look forward for. U will know about me with all my upcoming blogs for sure. Yeh that’s one promise I made to myself to keep my blog updated.
So I guess enough for the intro right? See u in the next blog. Till then take care.