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expect the unexpected

U haven’t proposed me for marriage Nikhil. Let’s do something orthodox in our relation. There is nothing orthodox about our relation. When do u plan to do it?” I ask this with urging tone.
“Isn’t it nice to have our relationship so different from others?” he says it simply with a smile.
“no, I mean yes it’s nice that its different, but I still I want to go through this experience,” I still urge with small face.
hmm ok let’s see”, he says with simple tone.[as if I have asked him for toblerone]
Imagine this discussion taking place 10 times or may be more than that since our marriage got decided. Do u think I have anything to say after “lest see!!” answer, no I don’t. But I still survive on a ray of hope…
Yes our marriage has been fixed [ JJ ], after six years of a relationship. Finally it’s gonna be official [he he]. After my elder sister’s wedding my line was clear but I didn’t see it coming sooo soon. We made our parents meet up with both of us having our fingers crossed. It’s never simp…