Sep 5, 2010

Dedicated to Kausik Mukhopadhyay

My so called last day of college, when I went to check my final year results. And that’s the day I fell for him all over again. Ya, the only love of my five years of architectural course.

My love, my friend, my idol, my mentor. May be at

the end of my life I will forget everyone I meet in my college but would never ever forget him, Kausik Mukhopadhyay.

It’s fun to recollect his first impression, someone who looks kind of artist, or some crazy looking guy who hardly falls under the so called conventional definition of a professor. He is the one who introduced us to the perspective of our course, the one who gave us the glimpse of what it is like to get into this college. The one who made us believe that we are good enough to be in there. And for sure the one who built the foundation for us so that we could built ourselves over it.

He is like the Sun, the source of love, encouragement

. Every time you meet him you would always find your share of love. His just that warm smile would be enough.

Personally he wasn’t ever just a professor for me. But the respect was still there. He knew so much about me, he always remembered what I told him and what am I up to. I wasn’t that great of a student. And I am sure he must have heard about it from our other faculties but none of that ever affected his belief in me. Whenever I meet him he would make me believe that i do have potential to go ahead. Always made me feel that I do have something in me.

That day after I saw my results I was so happy that fi

nally I could call myself as an architect. On the other hand, the fact that there wasn’t anyone in college I could share my happiness with, no one who really cared, really put me down big time.

I was in canteen when I saw Kaushik and went to give him a hug, finally someone I could share the news with. But before I could say anything he hugged me and said “ Ya I saw it , finally an architect.” It was just so amazing. I didn’t know what to say I just had this big smile on my face n some tears in my eyes. Knowing that he remembered me and

he actually cared to check my result. And that’s when I fell for him again.

Thanks a lot Kaushik. And I promise that the day isn’t far, when u will look at my work and say “that’s Darshana’s work, I always knew this girl would shine”

Thanks a lot for making me believe in myself

-Love you.


Jun 7, 2010

i love it ..

I love rains.

Coz the way raindrops fall on the leaves, the earth, the roads, leaving everything rejuvenated,

Coz I can sit at my window n see the rain and still have some sparkles of drops falling over my face.

Cos the way I can lie down in my bed, all cozy in my sheets, and listen to the heavy rains outside and fall asleep listening to it.

Cos the way I stand under the shower and suddenly chilled water falls on my head, leaving goosebumps all over me,

Cos the way some bird comes for shelter in the window n flutters its wings in patterns, taking different shapes just to dry itself,

Coz I have a sip of hot coffee and the combination of rain and coffee seems to be just awesome, (vodka for instance)

Cos the way my hair are wet n the water trickles down on my bare back, the same way it trickles down the window glass,

Cos the way I wanna snuggle bellow the sheets, trying to balance between the warmth and cold air around,

Cos the way kiss seems to be as perfect as it could get,

Cos the way my umbrella flies n still leaves me with a smile, even after a slight irritation, just the effect of the soothing raindrops,

I love rains cos the very way it makes everything so simply romantic.

Feb 13, 2010


Sometimes I wonder even the people u know the most or u feel it that u know them the most have some side of them which is totally unknown to u. And when u encounter that side of them u wonder if that’s real them. u start thinking or u even feel bad cos even when u so close u still didn’t know something about them. U feel bad and disappointed for not knowing it. Ur brains keeps wondering whether u aren’t worth knowing it, but isn’t that way.
We the human beings are so complex so complex with our emotions. After knowing so many people in life I have learnt one thing even though u love someone, or u are strongly bonded with someone there is always a part of u which is just for urself. It isn’t necessary to make someone a part of it cos those our ur moments, ur thoughts, that’s something u have decided to keep to urself. And today when I sit and wonder what it is that I have kept to myself, what it is that no one knows apart from me, I m not able answer it. Is it really that, or I have totally pored my heart to someone that I have nothing kept to myself, or its just that the side of mine which I have kept so much to myself is lost deep inside me… what if I just loose it totally and never able to figure out what is it that’s by me all for myself… will I just loose a part of me without even knowing about it… is that really a loss???
For the first time today I m writing my blog with tears rolling down my face..i don’t even know why m I mentioning this here… but I am glad they are rolling down. Coz it has touched right at the core of my heart making me realize how much it means to me…ill tell u someday what am I talking about…