next day celebration 6-7th Ian

Yes !! yes finally managed, and that also in a good way. Guess what? Ok let me tell u as to what am i talking about. And if u have read the previous post u must have got the hintJ.
Its always been same or i should say mostly its been same when Nikhil comes here. We meet, we eat n go to mall watch some movie, then a good lunch, ice cream and a long stroll on beach. Not that i don’t like doing that, but then this time his trip was on a good occasion, my b’day and most importantly it was our 4th anniversary too. So was really a big reason. I thought let’s do something else. As always we ended discussing what we will do all these days, planning the trip this way that way. And i was doing my own planning separatelyJ. I must say thanks to shweta cos she was my inspiration for the plan.
My b’day went fine but real happiness struck me when i went to bed and had a thought that I’ll be meeting him tomorrow. Trust me even that thought brings a big smile on my face and i thought what would be the best b’day gift than this one. So slept with that smile on my face which i knew would continue for next two daysJ. So woke up to airport, reached 20 min late though cos of some reason and hated myself for wasting those 20 min. But then all the hatred and irritation was gone when i saw him n the next moment i was in his arms and everything felt right after that. Everything felt to be perfect. Then what he thought we will go to rahuls place drop his bags and then go on our planed trip. But there was something special waiting for him. We took a taxi to dadar i told him we are going to some new place to eat. But when we reached there he had very confused look on his face cos all he could see all around us was just buses and there was no signs of restaurant or anything there. Cos there it was a small surprise or shock or i don’t know what it was on his face when i told him “we are going to lonawala”. I guess i must have a had a bigger smile than him to give him this surprise. Didn’t get much reaction from him L but convinced myself by saying that he is sleepy thas why . And didn’t really want to fight and spoil the mood of the trip. (see i have such a big heart ) so got into the bus and was on our journey for small little trip planed by me J finally saw that smile as a reaction with a remark “that’s something interesting” when we got into the bus. Before we could realise we were in front of the resort i had found for our stay. Was very sweet and smooth journey though, puna express highway after all. It was my 1st journey on that road quite surprising isn’t it? Even after being in Mumbai for so many years now. Anyways that’s not important let’s get back to the trip. The place that i chose was quite nice and there wasn’t any crowd around may be cos it was an off season. So then what, dumped the luggage in the room and we were set for our trip in our own world. Went out and had lunch and i had a big glass of lassy after lunch (yeah!!) and then as he had just come after his night shift i thought of giving him some time to sleep so both of us slept. To tell u frankly i wasn’t feeling sleepy i just kept looking at him, he was looking so relaxed. Its a nice feeling to look at him, to look at someone who comes all the way just to see one smile on my face. i must say i really wait for this moment. Don’t get to do this often right?? So didn’t even realise it passed 3 hours or so then. Woke him up and then we went for a good walk followed by coffee and then dinner. It was very pleasant weather there. We could actually feel winter there and road was quite empty too. That sounds lovely isn’t it? It was indeed. But there was something going on at the back of my mind. So when we reached the resort i told him to go out for a while, cos one more surprise was waiting for him there J. When he came back the room was lit with candles and music was playing and i was little dressed. Yeah defiantly i could see the effect on his face. And as i had always imagined it so we did a ball room dance or some dance i should say. But was too good. Not the dance just this feeling of being with him. Then we talked n talked and talked and that went on till 12 or so then we had to sleep cos after all we needed some rest.
Like always the morning started with my worthless efforts to wake him up, to go for a morning walk. Which obviously took an hour but at least i m happy that MR made an effort to come out of the room. So had a very nice walk enjoying the winter with golden sunrise. Had breakfast and then went back. Packed our bags and left for Mumbai. And u know what we did on our journey, we both slept. Like two small kids. Sweet .sweet. then dropped the bags at rahuls place and went for lunch. I wasn’t really happy to get back to the rush rush life of Mumbai really was missing lonawla. Anyway we had lunch and then went to beach had to right? cos we always end the trip there. Meet rahul, vachan and shweta for dinner. But the time bomb was still there at the back of my mind. And then there was that moment which i hate the most to say bye to him. All of us went to airport to drop him. So all that sad sad bye was done with soon cos rahul moron kept giving me missed calls even at that moment (hated him for it). All of us were on our way to home. But this time it wasn’t that difficult cos of all these people. So that’s how the real celebration of my b’day and anniversary was. I was really good isn’t it??. And moreover i managed to give him a good surprise. That’s is an achievement for me trust me.
But to tell u frankly nothing matters, all the efforts that u take, all the planning everything, for the one that u really miss all the time, u miss being with him all the time and then u gather those moments till the next trip...the moments which make me miss him more but along with a smile on my face...
Thank you my love for giving me some more reasons to smile..


Nikhil said…
Yup!! Cant forget those moments :)

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