"ME" my first love

“We can all choose to stay with our first love, the one that looks good and will make everyone else happy. We can choose to stay with our second under the belief that if we don’t have to fight for it, then it’s not worth having—or we can make the choice to believe in the third love. The one that feels like home without any rationale; the love that isn’t like a storm—but rather the quiet peace of the night after.”  - www.consciousreminder.com

Read this today in an article which talked about the different kinds of love we experience in life and what each of them mean. I have realized that I have experienced two types of love in my life. The first one which I did not understand, and the second one which I fought for thinking that it was the love of my life. Honestly the one that I would love to feel is the love which actually “which isn’t like storm, but rather a quiet peace after. Love which feels like home”.

Where your heart, mind and soul is at ease. Which feels a part of you. Something that comes to you naturally. Where you don’t change as individual, but coexist like the moon and the sun. Like the earth and sky. So much together but yet so independent. I remember I was talking to a friend about something similar and he said “The right person or ‘The person’ for you is the one with whom you feel empowered and not bog downed”. So true, someone who appreciates you for who you are, and not for who you can become.  Not something they want you to become. It all about being in this moment and this space, about what you are right now at this very moment. And someone you can become tomorrow morning.

Is it really possible to accept someone for what they are? Or is it a utopian idea to love someone as they are? With all their negatives and positives, with all theirs flaws. Is it really possible?? We as individuals are so critical about ourselves. We constantly keep modifying ourselves to fit into someone’s definition of right. I would say why do we do that to us? The only way we can accept someone for who they are is if we first accept the way we are. If we start loving ourselves first. Stop being so critical, stop trying to be the right one. Cause the definition of right can never be right for two people. So why not love ourselves unconditionally, why not enjoy the joy of being loved for what we are.

“Then any other love that comes along would be cherry on already iced cake.” (read it somewhere)

I am working on making myself as my first love, rest can just follow.


Kartik Patel said…
It's so soothing to read this.. one lives in the illusion of what love actually means to the other & perfecting oneself for them, forgetting their own identity/existence! I believe love is more about accepting than expecting.. And it's so true as you quote that "love is something that isn't like a storm, but rather a quite peace after.. something that comes naturally where heart, mind and soul is at ease".
TR Codex said…
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